A diagram showing the relations between the main characters of Charles Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities" novel (1859).

A set of utilities around boobank. Boobank ( http://weboob.org/applications/boobank ) is a console application able to list your bank accounts balances on supported websites and to see the expenses details, transfer money, etc.

An article about how and why playing Boom Street using dolphin-emu can get quite interesting.

CombinedFS is a FUSE FileSystem that exposes a transformed, straightforward, read-only version of Let's Encrypt / Certbot's "live" directory.

Not to be confused with the moonwalk.

A diagram showing the relations between the main characters of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" novel (1818).

Varnish-related syntax highlightings for KDE text editors (Kate, Kwrite).

Prevent libvirtd from adding iptables rules by calling /sbin/iptables or /sbin/ip6tables.

Drupal 7 Varnish vmod; provides Drupal-related functions within Varnish.

prooties is a small collection of proot-based thingies.

Set `SO_PRIORITY` (aka `skb->priority` on Linux) right after each `socket()` call.

Another toy repository to revise sorting algorithms.

Drupal module that enables TuxFamily users to deport their static files to TuxFamily's download repositories.

xavierg's snippets.

A simple fork of the "Green on Black" Yakuake skin ( http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/?content=93601 ).

yamltab converts keytabs to YAML/JSON and the other way around.