a-tale-of-two-cities git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/a-tale-of-two-cities

A diagram showing the relations between the main characters of Charles Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities" novel (1859).

boobank-utils git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/boobank-utils

A set of utilities around boobank. Boobank ( http://weboob.org/applications/boobank ) is a console application able to list your bank accounts balances on supported websites and to see the expenses details, transfer money, etc.

boom-street-interet-emulateur git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/boom-street-interet-emulateur

An article about how and why playing Boom Street using dolphin-emu can get quite interesting.

elfwalk git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/elfwalk

Not to be confused with the moonwalk.

frankenstein git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/frankenstein

A diagram showing the relations between the main characters of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" novel (1818).

ktexteditor-varnish-syntax-highlighting git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/ktexteditor-varnish-syntax-highlighting

Varnish-related syntax highlightings for KDE text editors (Kate, Kwrite).

libvirtd-no-iptables git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/libvirtd-no-iptables

Prevent libvirtd from adding iptables rules by calling /sbin/iptables or /sbin/ip6tables.

libvmod-drupal7 git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/libvmod-drupal7

Drupal 7 Varnish vmod; provides Drupal-related functions within Varnish.

prooties git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/prooties

prooties is a small collection of proot-based thingies.

sorting-algorithms git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/sorting-algorithms

Another toy repository to revise sorting algorithms.

tuxfamily_repository git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/tuxfamily_repository

Drupal module that enables TuxFamily users to deport their static files to TuxFamily's download repositories.

xavierg-snippets git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/xavierg-snippets

xavierg's snippets.

yakuake-skin-green-on-black git clone git://git.kindwolf.org/repo/yakuake-skin-green-on-black

A simple fork of the "Green on Black" Yakuake skin ( http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/?content=93601 ).