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# Boobank-utils A set of utilities around Boobank. [Boobank][1] is a console application able to list your bank accounts balances on supported websites and to see the expenses details, transfer money, etc. ## Why? boobank-graphite was written to replace [boobank-munin][2] as part of a Munin-to-Graphite migration. boobank-cacher was inspired by boobank-munin's cache mechanism and serves the exact same purpose: limiting the amount of connections to bank websites. boobank-accounts and boobank-history allow end users to check out their accounts from cached files instead of establishing new connections to their bank websites. ## Limitations and known bugs - boobank-graphite does not send any tags; - boobank-accounts completely ignores "coming" operations; - boobank-accounts does not handle multiple currencies very well, especially when computing _the_ total. ## Description of utilities ### Common behaviour Most utilities provided by this project will: - consider `-` as a filepath meaning "use standard input" - default to standard input if no input file are provided ### boobank-cacher Run 1 to n boobank commands and save their JSON output to file, along with a timestamp. boobank-cacher also handles "additions", i.e. the ability to insert simple, static data in the JSON output. Usage: ``boobank-cacher [-h] [-c CONFIG]`` `CONFIG` defaults to `~/.config/boobank-utils/cacher.json`. See the conf subdirectory for a sample configuration file. ### boobank-graphite Take a JSON file created by the "boobank list" command and send it to a Graphite instance. Usage: ``boobank-graphite [-h] [-gh HOST] [-gp PORT] [json_file]`` ### boobank-accounts Take a JSON file created by the "boobank list" command and display its contents in your terminal. Usage: ``boobank-accounts [-h] [json_file [json_file ...]]`` ### boobank-history Take a JSON file created by the "boobank history" command and display its contents in your terminal. Usage: ``boobank-history [-h] [-c COUNT] [json_file]`` ## License This project is licensed under [WTFPL][3]. [1]: [2]: [3]: