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============ vmod_drupal7 ============ ----------------------- Varnish Drupal 7 Module ----------------------- :Author: Xavier Guerrin :Date: 2015-02-04 :Version: 0.1 :Manual section: 3 SYNOPSIS ======== import drupal7; DESCRIPTION =========== Drupal 7 Varnish vmod; provides Drupal-related functions within Varnish. FUNCTIONS ========= session_name ------------ Prototype :: session_name(STRING host, STRING base_path) Return value STRING Description Return the session name Drupal 7 would compute for host and base_path. Example :: set resp.http.X-Session-Name = drupal7.session_name("", "/bar"); INSTALLATION ============ The source tree is based on autotools to configure the building, and does also have the necessary bits in place to do functional unit tests using the varnishtest tool. Usage:: ./configure VARNISHSRC=DIR [VMODDIR=DIR] `VARNISHSRC` is the directory of the Varnish source tree for which to compile your vmod. Both the `VARNISHSRC` and `VARNISHSRC/include` will be added to the include search paths for your module. Optionally you can also set the vmod install directory by adding `VMODDIR=DIR` (defaults to the pkg-config discovered directory from your Varnish installation). Make targets: * make - builds the vmod * make install - installs your vmod in `VMODDIR` * make check - runs the unit tests in ``src/tests/*.vtc`` In your VCL you could then use this vmod along the following lines:: import drupal7; sub vcl_deliver { # This sets resp.http.X-Session-Name to the session name for set resp.http.X-Session-Name = drupal7.session_name("", "/bar"); } HISTORY ======= This manual page was released as part of the libvmod-drupal7 package. For further drupal7s and inspiration check out the vmod directory: COPYRIGHT ========= This document is licensed under the same license as the libvmod-drupal7 project. See LICENSE for details. * Copyright (c) 2015-2019 Xavier Guerrin