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Moulti example scripts

This directory contains example scripts that demonstrate various features and uses of Moulti.

Descriptions: - debian-upgrade: assume the underlying host is Debian-based and upgrade it using apt - many-buttons: display two steps with numerous buttons - pass-concurrency: display 8 (actually $MOULTI_PASS_CONCURRENCY) steps running ping localhost concurrently - progressbar: track the generation of 10 SSH keys using a progress bar - python-checks: run linters on Moulti code; to be executed from the parent directory - social-preview: display 4 steps using toilet, ping and bat -- used to generate Moulti's social preview picture

Compatibility matrix

Linux macOS FreeBSD NetBSD OpenBSD
debian-upgrade ⚠️ [1]

[1] Debian-based distributions only


Contrib example scripts are welcome provided they pass the following check list:

  • [ ] bash or zsh
  • [ ] reasonable dependencies
  • [ ] no significant shellcheck warning
  • [ ] portability: contrib examples should run on at least two of the target platforms
  • [ ] use moulti_check_requirements() to ensure all external tools are available

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